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2011年07月18日 星期一 08:51


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2011年07月18日 星期一 09:55

quote as below

I’m not saying this to anyone in particular, but I’ve heard people pronounce Django incorrectly way too often. The "dj" in Django is a hard J, like in the word "jury" or "jolly". You don’t pronounce the D.

Update: Alex Limi tells me I’m wrong too, and it’s a soft J, like… damn, I can’t think of a word that uses a soft J in English.

I’m not sure I can use that pronunciation, I’m afraid I’ll sound all Frenchy and weird. I’ll give it a go. Zhango zhango zhango… hmm…

Another update: confirming my original pronunciation, Adrian says it is a hard J. Alex is just too European for his own good. Does the debate rage on? Hopefully not.

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贱狗 ...哈哈




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