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标题:I found I've got to a completely new world of English.

2010年05月28日 星期五 13:29

After a few weeks' listening whole English during the way to work and to home, I found I've got to a completely new world of English. I was so excited that I decided to write something to remember the day. And so comes these words.

If anybody is interested, try this way: get yourself to a whole English environment, without Chinese, without any other language, just English, and insist several weeks, trust me, you will find the difference! Good luck to you!:)

2010年05月28日 星期五 13:31

That's a good way to improve the English definitely.

2010年05月28日 星期五 13:31

Thanks for sharing.

2010年05月28日 星期五 13:32

And try to translate a English book into Chinese will work well also, I think.

2010年05月28日 星期五 14:10

I'm sure I will ,thx!

2010年06月17日 星期四 22:15

Hi,kongove! I read some english before working everyday!Thanks for your sharing !

2010年06月18日 星期五 09:50

You are welcome!:)



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