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标题:Novell 招聘 - SUSE- Software Engineer (Desktop Software Engineer)

2012年05月10日 星期四 11:19

SUSE is looking for Linux desktop application engineers. The base will be
Beijing. In this position, you will be working on Linux application
development based on popular GUI environment including X, XGL,
GTK+, GNOME. Your responsibilities will include but not be limited to:
• Coding, debugging and validating application software on SUSE Linux.
• Designing software modules with professional design documents.
• Collaborating with team members across different sites.

• Bachelor degree in Computer Science related majors is required. Master’s degree is plus.
Additional qualifications include:
• At least two years experience on Linux software development.
• Familiarity with GUI software development environment such as X, XGL, GTK+, GNOME, etc.
• Skills in various programming languages such as C, Shell Scripting and others like Perl, Python, C++
• Linux system administrators or hacking experience is a plus
• Knowledge of Open Source development models
• Good software engineering skills, teamwork
• Good written/oral English skills

Required Skills:
1. Good C programming skill. Good code reading ability.
2. Knowledge of Linux development enviorment, Experience with Autotools.
3. Knowledge of gtk/gnome, Gnome development experience.
4 Excellent oral and written communication skills.

Preferred Skills
1. open source project experience.
2. hacker spirit with Linux desktop.




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