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标题:BSD Magazine 201312

2013年12月21日 星期六 20:13

著名的BSD Magazine,本期内容主要有:

Configuring a Highly Available Service on FreeBSD - part 2: CARP and devd by Jeroen van Nieuwenhuizen

FreeBSD Programming Primer - Part 11 by Rob Somerville

Unix Basics - for Security Professionals by Ramkumar Ramadevu

Introduction to Unix Kernel by Mark Sitkowski

OpenBSD 5.4 as a Transparent HTTP/HTTPS Proxy using PF and Relayd by Wesley MOUEDINE ASSABY

GhostBSD: A User-friendly, Lightweight BSD Alternative by Adrian J. Panunzio

How Secure Can Secure Shell (SSH) Be? by Arkadiusz Majewski

Column: OPINION: With the UK government in collusion with the major search engines to censor 100,000 search terms to prevent child abuse, is the UK joining the ranks of the technological fascists? by Rob Somerville





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