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标题:BSD Magazine 201401

2014年01月14日 星期二 16:56

Dear BSD Readers,

We released the new issue of BSD magazine. This time, we collected all articles on FreeBSD Programming by Rob Somerville. The regular issue will be published later this month.

FreeBSD Programming Primer - All 12 tutorials are ready to download.

Within the I.T. environment, there are many disciplines, and often these skill sets work in isolation. The sys-admin doesn't always understand the challenges faced by the programmer or developer, the support engineer doesn't understand the problems of the developer, and the project manager doesn't understand the problems of the technical staff. In this new series, Rob will examine from first principles how to develop a CMS that will run on any Apache / MySQL / PHP stack. This will involve writing HTML, CSS, PHP and SQL code.
In Rob's series, he will look at the tools, processes and methods involved in writing software, including developing a Content Management System (CMS) which will run under an AMP stack on FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Linux, etc. You will learn how to configure a development environment and write HTML, CSS, PHP and SQL code.

2014年01月14日 星期二 17:03



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