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2014年03月01日 星期六 08:49



Dear BSD Readers!

We are pleased to present you the newest issue of BSD Magazine. In the February issue, we have decided to focus on various important aspects for Unix users.
Enjoy reading!
BSD Team


Configure OpenBSD 5.4 Basic Services
The webserver has only one nic, so we need to configure a vether (Virtual ethernet device driver) to be able to provide NAT for our PPTP clients. It is connected to the Internet through a simple modem-router. We use OpenBSD 5.4. Tested with Apple, Samsung phones, and a laptop running Windows 8: PPTP connection / reach a webpage hosted by the webserver.

How Secure can Secure Shell (SSH) be?
Arkadiusz Majewski
SSH, and especially OpenSSH, are very powerful applications when beginners use a Unix-like or Linux operating system. It is very useful for administrators to secure access to the system and improve scalability to whole networks. I hope this article on OpenSSH expanded your knowledge and challenges you to use it. Try to employ it in your next project.
The article concentrates on SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) supported by OpenSSH and sftp-server subsystem, but has useful information for a standard file transferring prefering SFTP to FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Getting to Grips with the Gimp - Part 1
Rob Somerville
It might seem strange having a "non-technical" how-to series, but in this age of digital photography, graphics intensive website design and visual icons, more and more emphasis is being placed on imagery as a method of communication. Good graphic design is also useful for presentations, flyers, and publications; the list is endless. Some people just lift images from Google or make use of professional stock images, the latter being expensive and the former dubious from a copyright perspective. What can be more satisfying than manipulating and creating your own artwork?
In our new series on image manipulation and design, we will look at graphic design basics, and how to use the most popular Open Source graphics software - The Gimp.

User, Group and Password Management on Linux and Solaris
Toki Winter
article will cover the user, group and password management tools available on the Linux and Solaris Operating Systems. The specific versions covered here are CentOS 6.4 and Solaris 11.1, though the commands will transfer to many other distributions without modifications (especially RHEL and its clones), or with slight alterations to command options. Check your system documentation and manual pages for further information.

Securing CentOS and Solaris 11 with Puppet
Toki Winter
Puppet is system administration automation software from Puppet Labs ( It has gained a lot of popularity, and rivals other automation/orchestration software such as Chef and Ansible. In this article, Toki will detail how security can be managed on CentOS 6.x and Solaris 11.1 hosts with Puppet 3.x. Some familiarity with Puppet or some other automation software, as well as a Linux/UNIX system administrator audience, is assumed.

Interview with Peter N. M. Hansteen
by BSD Team
Peter N. M. Hansteen is a consultant, writer and sysadmin from Bergen, Norway. A longtime freenix advocate and during recent years a frequent lecturer and tutor with emphasis on FreeBSD and OpenBSD, author of several articles and "The Book of PF". He writes a frequently slashdotted blog at

With the collapse of Red Flag Software (the world's second-largest Linux distributor) is the dream of Linux on the Desktop even further out of reach?
Rob Somerville

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