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标题:微软禁止GPLv3开源软件进入Windows Phone

2011年02月19日 星期六 12:16

根据开源推行者,红帽雇员Jan Wildeboer透漏,微软禁止GPLv3协议的开源软件进入Windows Phone 和Xbox 应用商店。

e. The Application must not include software, documentation, or other materials that, in whole or in part, are governed by or subject to an Excluded License, or that would otherwise cause the Application to be subject to the terms of an Excluded License.


“Excluded License” means any license requiring, as a condition of use, modification and/or distribution of the software subject to the license, that the software or other software combined and/or distributed with it be (i) disclosed or distributed in source code form; (ii) licensed for the purpose of making derivative works; or (iii) redistributable at no charge. Excluded Licenses include, but are not limited to the GPLv3 Licenses. For the purpose of this definition, “GPLv3 Licenses” means the GNU General Public License version 3, the GNU Affero General Public License version 3, the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3, and any equivalents to the foregoing.

根据该Jan Wildeboer的说法,换句话说,GPLv3, LGPLv3, Affero GPLv3协议都将被排除在外。

The consequences of this strange exclusion are not fully clear to me as I am not a lawyer. But one thing is extremely obvious. Microsoft wants to keep its platform clear of Free Software. Period.



2011年07月26日 星期二 23:42






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