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标题:HTML5 and Games

2011年12月18日 星期日 13:21

Today we will talk a little about future of HTML5 in the gaming industry. As you know, HTML5 continues to have a dramatic impact on the web world during few last years. At current time, HTML5 still under development, but I sure that you have already seen many really great examples of it. Many people and companies (like Spil Games, Mochimedia) have already started learn and use html5.

Lets look at advantages of HTML5:

  • Possibility to play multimedia (audio and video) without extra plugins.
  • Code Maintenance. This is very convenient to work with code, improve it, perform in-time fixes. You can develop code anywhere, not only at single computer.
  • Multi-platform. HTML5 is already supported in most of new browsers and mobile devices (not like Flash). So you can have bigger popularity of your result.
  • You don’t need to have any special environment to start develop for html5, You can have just Notepad and Browser.
  • Convenience to work with text and basic browser’s features (like links, fonts, screen resolution)
  • Search engines can easy index your HTML5 pages, but not pages of flash website.

Interesting, what will the future of Flash? Can HTML5 replace Flash? Yes, at the moment most games are based on Flash. However, we can see that to truly take advantage of the opportunity of mobile gaming (and eventually all browser-based games), developers and publishers need to focus on HTML5. This will ensure that gamers have the best gaming experience no matter where they are or what platform they want to play games on.

Now game developers have been frustrated by Flash and the impossibility to work across all major platforms. While game developers are testing the limits of HTML5 and struggling with early tools, they are clearly excited about the potential. The biggest challenge (as I see) will be the ability to render 3D environment on the fly and to manage the large memory in games.

And, I have prepared for you several most interesting HTML5/WebGL games and game demos:

1. Coppercube Backyard

This demo shows a scene with many textures (>80), character animation and camera flight.
Coppercube Backyard

2. 3D Social game (WebGL)

This is a WebGL demo featuring the way next-gen 3D social games can look like. Stunning 3D quality, social game mechanics, splendid availability and no plugins.
3D Social game (WebGL)

3. X-Wing

Fly and dodge the constructions on the way.

4. Canvas Rider

Funny bicycle simulator. Need to keep the balance to not fall off.
Canvas Rider

5. Barfight!

You are on the set of an old-fashioned Western movie, and the objective is to fight in the bar so the director can get a good scene in his movie.



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